Question tags - first person with verb "be"

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Hello, I came across a problem with question tags. I don't know which question tag is used in sentences like the one here: "I'm not right, *******?"

Without negation at the beginning, it would be

"I'm right, aren't I?"

So, should be "I'm not right, are I?" Or rather, "I'm not right, am I?".

If you notice any mistakes and point them out, I will be grateful. :))
piotr.grela - Potocznie ludzie w moich okolicach mówią: "I'm not right, innit?" lub "I ain't right, innit?", "I ain' righ', innit?"

One day "innit" will be acceptable in written English
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"I'm not right, am I?"
klaudia.dol - I agree :) And here is the explanation of this rule: - 4 miesiące temu

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