objective vs object = cel , jaka różnica?

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1.Oba wyrazy oznaczają cel. Nie znalazłem wyjaśnienia, kiedy stosuje się jeden albo drugi. Może jest jakaś subtelna różnica.

2.Dodałem do powtórek objective aby wiedzieć że ten wyraz oznacza również cel a nie tylko objektywny. Znacie może podobne pary wyrazów?

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Ja jak zwykle mogę podrzucić notkę ze słownika:


These are all words for something that you are trying to achieve.

TARGET - a result that you try to achieve: Set yourself targets that you can reasonably hope to achieve. ◇ attainment targets in schools

OBJECTIVE (rather formal) - something that you are trying to achieve: What is the main objective of this project?

GOAL - something that you hope to achieve: He continued to pursue his goal of becoming an actor.


A TARGET is usually officially recorded in some way, for example by an employer or by a government committee. It is often specific, and in the form of figures, such as number of sales or exam passes, or a date. People often set their own OBJECTIVES: these are things that they wish to achieve, often as part of a project or a talk they are giving. GOALS are often long-term, and relate to people's life and career plans or the long-term plans of a company or organization.

OBJECT - the purpose of something; something that you plan to achieve: The object is to educate people about road safety.

END - something that you plan to achieve: He joined the society for political ends. ◇ That's only OK if you believe that the end justifies the means (= bad methods of doing something are acceptable if the final result is good).

END is usually used in the plural or in particular fixed expressions.

to work towards a(n) TARGET/OBJECTIVE/GOAL
an ambitious/major/long-term/short-term/future TARGET/OBJECTIVE/GOAL
economic/financial/business TARGETS/OBJECTIVES/GOALS
to set/agree on/identify/reach/meet/exceed a(n) TARGET/OBJECTIVE/GOAL

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