unquenchable containment - jak to przetłumaczyć?

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'unquenchable containment" - jak to przetłumaczyć?
Fragment książki - "The silent patient":

'It was the psychoanalyst W. R. Bion who came up with the term ‘containment’ to describe a mother’s ability to manage her baby’s pain. Remember, babyhood is not a time of bliss; it’s one of terror. As babies we are trapped in a strange, alien world, unable to see properly, and in a constant state of surprise at our bodies, alarmed by hunger and wind and bowel movements, overwhelmed by our feelings. We are quite literally under attack. We need our mother to soothe our distress and make sense of our experience. As she does so, we slowly learn how to manage our physical and emotional states on our own. But our ability to contain ourselves directly depends on our mother’s ability to contain us – if she had never experienced containment by her own mother, how could she teach us what she did not know? Someone who has never learned to contain himself is plagued by anxious feelings for the rest of his life; feelings that Bion aptly titled ‘nameless dread’. And such a person endlessly seeks this unquenchable containment from external sources – he needs a drink or a joint to ‘take the edge off’ this endless anxiety – hence my addiction to marijuana."

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Cześć, tę frazę należy rozumieć dosłownie. Nie jest to utarte wyrażenie, mające inne znaczenie niż to dosłowne :)
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